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Our Services

Cargo/Door to Door

We help families & friends connect from their love ones across the sea through our door to door services

Air Cargo

A faster delivery option of your packages to your families! Available in Metro Manila Area only. 

Travel and Tour

Affordable travel tickets (Domestic & International). Tours & Vacation packages and visa assistance.

Money Remittance

It’s now easier to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines. We offer quick and affordable transfer fees.

Our Popular Tours

Journey To The Holyland

Whether it’s soul searching or sight seeing or traveling to recharge. Join and experience our Journey to the holyland a day trip to Abu Dhabi!

Local Tour Packages

International Tour Packages

About Us


We are a US based Travel Agency, Cargo & Money Remittance established in 2003. Originally, it was Sunrise Express Cargo & Travel with Cargo & Travel business.

On July 1, 2018, with the new owner, it came out as SUNRISE EXPRESS CARGO TRAVEL & TOURS, that caters Cargo (Door to Door/Balikbayan Box), Travel & Tours & Money Remittance.

Connecting Filipino families from the US to the Philippines through our Door to Door/Balikbayan Box delivery services. The value of visiting our families and friends through our affordable travel and tours arrangement around the world and above all sending money to our love ones all over the world.